How to find the area of a rhombus with one diagonal and perimeter

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A = 1 2 d 1 · d 2. where A - rhombus area , d 1 , d 2 - length of square diagonal . You can input only integer numbers, decimals or fractions in this online calculator (-2.4, 5/7, ...). More in-depth information read at these rules. Try online calculators for calculation of.. Area of rhombus = 1/2 * product of lengths of diagonals. We know length of diagonal PT. We need to find length of diagonal AS. The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular forming 4 right triangles. We will look at triangle at the bottom of the rhombus. Because diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other, half of PT (3) forms one leg of that. Enter values in the respective input fields of the calculator and hit on the calculate button to check the area of a rhombus easily. Area of a Rhombus Formulas The most commonly used formulas to calculate the rhombus area are listed here. Students are advised to know when to use those formulas to get the accurate output. 1.
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